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[   ]Adaptive Backstepping Control for Miniature Air Vehicles.pdf516K 
[   ]Adaptive Control - Persian.pdf128K 
[   ]Adaptive Fuzzy Output Tracking Control of MIMO Nonlinear Uncertain Systems.pdf750K 
[   ]Adaptive Global Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Anti-Warship Missiles.pdf102K 
[   ]Adaptive control based on a parametric affine model for tail-controlled missiles.pdf1.1M 
[   ]Adaptive fuzzy controller for nonlinear uncertain systems.pdf282K 
[   ]A robust adaptive nonlinear control approach to missile autopilot design.pdf182K 
[   ]Comparison of Different Neural Augmentations for the Fault Tolerant Control Laws of the WVU YF-22 Model Aircraft.pdf568K 
[   ]Computationally simple model reference adaptive control for miniature air vehicles.pdf409K 
[   ]Fuzzy basis functions, universal approximation, and orthogonal least-squares learning.pdf751K 
[   ]H∞ tracking design of uncertain nonlinear SISO systems.pdf1.0M 
[   ]Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Technology in the World.pdf504K 
[   ]Missile Guidance & Control Systems.pdf8.4M 
[   ]Missile Guidance and pursuit Kinematics,dynamics,.pdf7.7M 
[   ]Motefarrej-900806241-PDF.rar1.7M 
[   ]Motefarrej-900806241-WORD.rar630K 
[   ]Nonlinear robust digital controller based on fuzzy model for homing missiles.pdf174K 
[   ]Online Adaptive Critic Flight Control using Approximated Plant Dynamics.pdf229K 
[   ]Research on gain scheduling.pdf296K 
[   ]Robust adaptive optimal tracking design for uncertain missile systems a fuzzy approach.pdf257K 
[   ]Sliding Mode controller along with Feedback Linearization for a Nonlinear Missile model.pdf2.4M 
[   ]Some control strategies for a high-angle-of-attack missile autopilot.pdf455K 
[   ]Static sliding-motion phenomena in dynamical systems.pdf378K